Celebrating Mazda’s fourth year in Southern Africa

Celebrating Mazda’s fourth year in Southern Africa

In October 2014, Mazda opened the doors to its Midrand Dealership, establishing itself as an independent national sales company after separating from the Ford Motor Company group.

Although it had enjoyed a 39-year history in South Africa before its independence, Mazda has had the privilege of experiencing the last four years of South African history as an independent company alongside its beloved South Africans.

The last four years have seen some noteworthy moments in our nation’s history, including the celebration of 20 years of democracy, the rising of the passionate South African youth in the #FeesMustFall Movement, and the unveiling of a new species of Hominin, the Homo Naledi.

With our roots firmly found in innovation and a passion for defying convention, Mazda people pride themselves in making the impossible possible. With the number of groundbreaking moments experienced in the last four years of our nation’s history, we are honoured to see the spirit of Mazda echoed among the spirit of South Africa and its people and commend every South African for making the impossible possible in their own lives, as well as the lives of those around them.

With the hope of continuing to push the boundaries and create cars centred around people and the environment, as well as promoting a style of execution characterised by simplicity, practicality and humility, Mazda South Africa looks forward to the next four years of pursuing the spirit of passion further and doing things differently.

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