Important Mazda features for the rainy season

Important Mazda features for the rainy season

Important Mazda features for the rainy season

One of the leading causes of road accidents in South Africa is unfavourable weather conditions. Wet roads can cause accidents as a result of worn out tyres, which can lead to a loss in traction, aquaplaning and other factors such as brakes.

Thanks to Mazda’s innovative safety solutions, Mazda vehicle owners can afford the peace of mind of knowing that they are provided with the highest levels of safety – even when driving in the rain.

With reference to bad weather, we mention two important features available in Mazda cars that can help you prevent road accidents from occurring.

Found on vehicles such as the Mazda CX-5, standard available safety innovations in Mazda cars include Auto-wiper sensors and fog lights

Auto Wiper Control

Windshield wipers are specially designed to increase visibility when driving in the rain. Thanks to Mazda’s rain-sensing windshield wipers, you can enjoy driving in the rain with ease. For convenience when driving in rain, your windscreen wipers can be configured to auto setting so that they can automatically turn on whenever rain is detected.

With this smart and easy-to-use feature, you can seamlessly adjust to either wipe more frequently or less – depending on what you prefer as a driver.

Turn the wipers to the automatic setting by pulling the windshield wiper lever down once.

You may want to leave the wipers on the automatic setting all the time. After all, that’s what it’s there for, however, just remember to turn the wipers off when driving through a car wash or when doing any work to the wipers or windshield area.

Fog lights

Fog lights are generally found on the front end of your Mazda vehicle, under the headlamps on the footer of your vehicle’s front bumper. Designed to enhance visibility for you while you are driving (especially in foggy conditions) and also to help other road occupants see your vehicle from a safe distance.
For more information on your Mazda vehicle’s safety technologies, contact or visit Novel Mazda today.

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