Mazda Develops First Cold-Stamped Parts

Mazda Develops First Cold-Stamped Parts

In partnership with Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation and JFE Steel Corporation, Mazda has found an innovative solution to develop the world’s first cold-stamped vehicle body parts – which are to be used in Mazda’s new generation Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture  –  and on all the forthcoming models starting with the all-new Mazda3.

The benefits of manufacturing using high steel strength is that it enables automobile companies to make parts by using thinner sheets of metal without compromising on robustness. Ultimately, this means you get a lighter vehicle – which results in better handling, stability and fuel efficiency.

Till recently, the process of cold stamping parts to be utilize on a vehicle’s body had only been successful with lower grades of steel. Through the collaboration with the aforementioned corporations, Mazda has established a conducive set of conditions to process high-strength steel.

Several vehicle body parts on the all-new Mazda3 employ high-strength steel, which contributes to saving about 3 kilograms on the same parts in the previous model.

Mazda’s aim is to find as many environmentally-friendly solutions to their vehicle manufacturing process, which can play an integral role in helping to preserve the earth and enrich people’s lives by providing the ultimate driving experience.

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