Mazda Pioneers With New Safety Technology

Mazda Pioneers With New Safety Technology

Synonymous with innovation, Mazda is constantly changing the game when it comes to vehicle safety, and damage caused by collision, not just for drivers but for pedestrians as well.

With a wider focus on pedestrian safety and injury severity, Mazda has developed vehicle parts that are designed to lessen injury to pedestrians in the event of an accident.

First of its kind to the Japanese automaker, Mazda has started using energy absorption materials in the front end of their vehicles including bumpers and the bonnet.

In the event of a vehicle and pedestrian collision, the Impact Absorption Bonnet reduces the impact to a pedestrian’s head, whereas the energy absorption materials used on the bumper can mitigate the impact and severity of knee injuries and even help prevent a pedestrian’s leg from going under the car.

Active Bonnet is built with the purpose of reducing shock to the head in the event of vehicle and pedestrian accident.  Designed to activate with a standardized speed range, the technology causes the tail-end of the bonnet to pop up when an impact beyond a specific threshold is detected.

Thriving on innovative keys is what the Japanese automaker does best and with these pioneering vehicle parts Mazda plans to take vehicle and pedestrian safety to the next level.

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