Mazda Revolutionizes Automaking Process With Aqua-Tech Paint System

Mazda Revolutionizes Automaking Process With Aqua-Tech Paint System

Mazda is constantly looking for innovations that don’t only improve how we manufacture vehicles, but also how the environment is affected by the machinery and technology we use.

Following the Three-Layer Wet Paint System that realized one of the world’s lowest levels of fuel emissions, Mazda developed the Aqua-Tech Paint System in 2009 which is the world’s lowest emission volumes of both VOC and Carbon dioxide and was implemented on the painting process of new vehicles as from 2012.

Aqua-tech Paint System

The Aqua-tech Paint System lowers emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) by 78 per cent in comparison to Mazda’s earlier oil-based paint technology without using up more energy.

Now in 2019, with some of the lowest levels of both VOC and CO2 emissions, Mazda’s Aqua-tech is one of the most environmentally-friendly automotive paint systems available globally.

It aims to promote vehicle recycling, Mazda is making use of ground-breaking technology in order to recycle used bumper plastic for usage on new vehicle bumpers.

Mazda is a front-runner when it comes to recycling plastic automobile parts. Our objective is to have a strong focus on recycling bumpers, and have manufactured vehicle bumper recycling technology for these large plastic parts. Not only is the technology capable of recycling dented bumpers, but also end-of-life vehicle bumpers to be reused as plastic for new bumpers.

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