The best value 2020 Mazda for interior space and storage.

The best value 2020 Mazda for interior space and storage.

How much space a car has matters a lot. In terms of space and comfort, crumple zones for safety, and available boot space for utility, a car’s overall size and interior volume should factor into your car buying decision.

When choosing which car to purchase, the hatchback is the obvious, popular choice. Hatchbacks offer increased headroom, visibility, and a compact design for easier town driving and parking. Depending on the car in question, the hatchback model can also offer added cargo space and versatility.

When it comes to carrying capacity, which Mazda offers the best features without compromising on space? If you had to choose the car with the most luggage space and versatility, should you go for the Mazda3 Sedan or Hatchback? Would it be a better idea to choose the CX-30 crossover SUV?

On paper, the CX-30 should have the most space behind its back seat, followed closely by the hatchback with the sedan in last place. For general use, the SUV and hatchback both appear to have more than enough space for everything a typical family would need for grocery runs and more.

It may surprise you to learn that luggage tests and reviews have found that the sedan wins when it comes to overall volume. It can carry the most stuff. The trunk of the sedan is longer, increasing the length of the vehicle but also allowing for more space than the hatch or SUV models, all without compromising on rear window visibility.

If your lifestyle involves transporting luggage, hobby or sports equipment, camping gear or simple groceries, take a moment to consider how much your new vehicle can carry before making that final purchase. Remember that space isn’t everything when trying to find a good parking spot at the shops or driving up dirt roads to your camping destination.

Whichever vehicle you end up purchasing, make sure it’s a Mazda.

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