Visions for the future in the next-gen Mazda 6

Visions for the future in the next-gen Mazda 6

The upmarket for cars has always been heavily contested, dominated by luxury car brands that carry a certain level of appeal that comfortably sets them apart from your regular, functional daily drivers. Every car brand must secretly dream of competing against names like Mercedes-Benz and Lexus. A piece of the luxury market pie would undoubtably elevate a brand to new heights and new profit-margins.

Lately, rumours have been spreading that Mazda is looking to these luxury brand giants for inspiration for a new sedan. More specifically, they’re looking to reinvent their popular Mazda6 by placing an inline-six engine in the front and relocating the drive to the rear. There’s also talk of adding a Skyactiv-X engine to the new revised model, coupled with a 48-volt hybrid system. Now you might be thinking, that’s a lot of upgrades for a smaller brand like Mazda. But their relationship and ties to Toyota have been strengthening lately, an encouraging sign that makes the rumours seem a little less unrealistic and a whole lot more exciting.

So, how will it look? Mazda has already shown us a glimpse of what this new Mazda6 might look like with the reveal of the Vision Coupe Concept, debuted at the 2017 Tokyo Auto Show. All the features, lines and curves of the concept seem to suggest traits of a rear-wheel drive luxury sedan.

Excited yet? This updated Mazda6 seems like a worthy new addition to the range. But with this model planned for release around 2022, and the global pandemic upsetting auto manufacturer timelines, we could be waiting for a very long time to see this ambitious vehicle in production. A wait that will likely be worth it for a car with so many appealing features.

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